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Area Rug Cleaning - NYC

Regardless of the origin or cost of your area rug, we handle it with the utmost care, recognizing its significance as often akin to works of art. Our goal is to ensure that all types of rugs and runners undergo a meticulous cleaning process to guarantee their longevity, potentially lasting a lifetime or more. Our exclusive cleaning method is delicately designed to restore your rug's color, sheen, and overall beauty, whether it's a delicate, antique oriental rug or a modern area rug. What sets us apart from other rug cleaners is our use of specialized equipment that effectively removes soil from rugs without resorting to abrasive scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or power spraying, all of which could cause irreversible damage to fine rugs.

In our initial assessment phase, we meticulously examine your rug to understand its condition fully. This involves identifying the rug's fiber composition, evaluating existing damages or imperfections, assessing the risk of dye bleeding, investigating any incidents involving pet accidents, and gathering additional pertinent information crucial for devising an appropriate cleaning strategy tailored to your rug's specific needs.

Dust removal is a pivotal stage in our rug cleaning process, addressing a significant portion of accumulated dirt. Dry soil typically constitutes more than 70% of the total debris found within rugs. Through meticulous methods conducted in our specialized facility, we extract embedded dry soil from your rug in a controlled environment, advancing to the subsequent washing process.

Comprehensive cleaning ensues as we immerse your rug entirely on our wash floor, addressing both its front and back surfaces. Employing advanced techniques, we thoroughly eliminate deep-seated dirt, pet-related stains, body oils, and unpleasant odors by utilizing a flooding method. Our wash floor facilitates the resolution of issues such as dye bleeding and stubborn stains through targeted treatments.

Efficient drying procedures are paramount to our operations. Following the washing and rinsing stages on our wash floor, we employ a centrifuge to rapidly extract moisture, achieving up to 95% water removal from the rug. Upon extraction, meticulous grooming is conducted to restore the rug fibers to their natural alignment. Subsequently, the rug is suspended on specialized drying racks to conclude the air-drying process thoroughly. The culmination of these meticulous steps ensures the delivery of a thoroughly cleansed rug, meticulously wrapped and returned to you, ready to adorn your space anew. If you're seeking the finest professional rug cleaning available, rest assured you won't be disappointed with our services.

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