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Carpet Installation - NYC

Discover our vast selection featuring an impressive variety of carpet colors, textures, and patterns carefully curated from top industry manufacturers. Whether you're seeking the cozy elegance of premium cut pile textured carpeting or the timeless charm and durability of Berber in both classic and contemporary shades, we have you covered. With our extensive in-stock inventory, you're sure to find the perfect carpet to suit your lifestyle, all at an exceptional value. We offer a comprehensive range of carpets, including plush, frieze, tiled carpet, and commercial options.

Transform any chilly, lackluster room into a warm, inviting space with the unparalleled comfort of carpeting. A favored flooring choice for many, carpets provide safety with slip-resistant surfaces for families and sound insulation for musicians crafting home studios.

Navigating the carpet selection process may seem daunting, with various decisions to consider. Our experienced flooring experts are here to simplify the process, offering valuable insights into the diverse range of carpets available for purchase.

When it comes to selecting the ideal carpet, there are numerous styles to explore. From the velvety softness of plush carpeting to the resilience of loop designs suitable for high-traffic areas, our selection caters to diverse preferences and needs. Textured and patterned carpets offer depth to your decor while effectively masking foot traffic. For those aiming to create a cozy, modern retreat, cut and twisted frieze carpets provide an inviting solution.

Our inventory encompasses different pile types, including loop, cut, and cut and loop styles, each offering unique characteristics to suit various spaces and preferences. Whether you prefer the sturdiness of loop fibers exemplified by Berber carpeting or the softness of cut fibers found in plush carpets, we have options to match your vision. We offer installation services for all types of carpets, including polyester, nylon, polypropylene, wool, and more, ensuring a seamless process from selection to installation.

One of the carpet installation processes performed by our professionals is the stretch-in method, which is commonly used for installing wall-to-wall carpets. In this method, the carpet is stretched tightly across the room and attached to tack strips along the edges. Our experienced installers carefully measure and cut the carpet to fit the room's dimensions, ensuring a precise and seamless finish. After securing the carpet to the tack strips, any excess material is trimmed, and the edges are tucked neatly against the baseboards for a polished look. The stretch-in method is preferred for its durability and longevity, providing a firm and stable foundation for the carpet that minimizes wrinkles and buckling over time.

Another carpet installation process offered by our professionals is the glue-down method, suitable for both residential and commercial settings. In this method, the carpet is adhered directly to the subfloor using special adhesive. Our skilled installers apply the adhesive evenly across the subfloor, ensuring proper coverage and adhesion. The carpet is then carefully placed and pressed onto the adhesive, ensuring a strong bond. The glue-down method is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or where moisture may be a concern, as it creates a solid and permanent installation that withstands wear and tear. Additionally, this method allows for precise placement and alignment of the carpet, resulting in a sleek and professional appearance.

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